• The nurses tell Bronson he has a race in the morning.
• Like any boy, he gets very excited and doesn’t want to fall asleep.
• His race shirt, shorts, shoes, happy socks and head band are laid out perfectly for a quick change during the early morning hours.
• His signature spikey hair must be prepared too. By his race uniform is his hair gel (a boy needs to look good at the starting line).
• His race chair is disassembled and packed in his van.
• His iPad is fully charged and emergency meds are prepared ahead of time.

**With excitement of race day ahead, everyone tries to sleep.**


• He wakes up with a ‘game face’ and lots of laughter!
• Usually before the sun comes up, everyone (Team Bronson) meets Bronson in their lime green shirt at the race site stretching and getting pumped up!
• His chair is assembled with a BIG lime green flag attached and inspected for the race ahead.
• He is then picked up and transferred from the wheel chair to the race chair.


• Racing Bibs are pinned on the chair and his team.
• The starting line is all we see!
• The pep talks at the starting line, high fives, and ‘we own this Bronson’ are the words from the runners.

**AND THE REST IS HISTORY!**sm bronson with runner

• Pictures are worth a thousand words!!!! As long as we have legs Bronson will race!!!


• Every mile brings a smile....

• The Wolfson Children's Challenge celebrates patients' lives while benefitting the region's only children's hospital.

During this year’s 2017 Wolfson Children’s Challenge Ultra 55K Relay Race, Team Bronson had 22 participating runners. Each runner relayed a 5K. Some of the participants for ‘Team Bronson’ traveled from outside the Jacksonville, Florida area to run and cheer on the team. Every year, this event features 55 children who share their inspiring stories. This year Bronson was one of 55 children honored during the event. Bronson who suffered a severe brain injury at birth has gone through multiple procedures and continues his treatments as Wolfson Children’s Hospital. Team Bronson was honored to be a part of this historic children’s hospital event.

News Clip from Fox30  |  Wolfson Children's Hospital article  |  Video @ the finish line

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What People Are Saying . . .

Brave Like Bronson was a great program. It helped my students to understand children with special needs a little bit better. The students enjoyed the puppet show. It was funny and informative. Meeting Bronson was cool too! Thanks for visiting our school.
» Ms. Angeli, First Grade Teacher

Thank you for the wonderful Brave like Bronson program. The students enjoyed seeing Bronson after learning about him in class. The students also enjoyed the puppet show and learning to accept others that may not act or look like they do. Thank you for the wonderful program.
» Ms. E. Foose, First Grade Teacher

The excitement that Brave Like Bronson, Inc. brings into a room not only brightens it, but encourages each and every one that hears this amazing story. Rather if they are speaking to a class of children or a room of adults, they leave a powerful impact.
» Heather Augustyniak, MSN, FNP-C, CPG Medical Leader for Survivorship Care

The story of love and compassion from both Tricia (Bronson’s mother) and Yvette (mother to Tricia) is beyond words. They have been through many trails with Bronson, but have always been strong encouragers to many. I can only imagine how Brave Like Bronson, Inc. will touch lives and will positively encourage children as they learn about inclusion and special needs. I am excited to have Brave Like Bronson, Inc. visit schools and include their puppets.
» Kim Keith, Music Teacher, Duval County Schools

Brave Like Bronson Inc. is a great vision being brought into our schools to help the community gain a deeper understanding of people with disabilities and an awareness of the many similarities and differences among all students.
» Tracey Richardson, 2nd Grade Teacher, Duval County Public Schools

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