It was a bright, warm spring afternoon in Florida when my friend Heather pulled into our driveway bringing my daughter, Maeleigh, home from school. Our carpool includes Maeleigh and her two best friends, Lilly and Amelia. Unexpectedly, Lilly turned to Heather and stated very simply and honestly “I am scared of Bronson.” Amelia then proceeded to say, “Yes, I think he is weird.” Maeleigh was devastated, unable to understand why her best friends would feel this way about her brother. But their honesty is appreciated and understood. They are children looking for answers, and yearning to understand this distinction. Lilly and Amelia spend a lot of time with Bronson, as they are Maeleigh’s best friends. In that moment, my friend Heather was at a loss, somewhat unsure how to respond.

Heather approached me later, looking for answers too. She wanted to know how to respond to this very delicate subject. She could have easily looked the other way, but she didn’t. I appreciate her honesty and boldness. I appreciate her heart. I told Heather that I know this is not a quick fix and responding to the girls with “reassuring words” is like using a bandage to cover a gapping hole in our society and our worldview on special needs individuals. Immeasurable change is necessary. We need to start with the next generation, teaching them to love and embrace all people regardless of differences in every aspect.

This simple, yet complex conversation with Heather planted a seed in my heart. Maeleigh, Lilly, Amelia, and Bronson are the inspiration for Brave Like Bronson, Inc. The innocent honesty of two young girls will possibly help bridge the gap that our society has needed for so many years. I want to help make this right. I need to help make this right!

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Chances are, at some point typical children will have a classmate with a disability. Brave Like Bronson, Inc. visits schools and encourages children to learn about disabilities. Disabilities cover a wide range. Some are obvious - such as a child with a physical disability who uses a wheelchair. Other disabilities may be more "hidden" -- for example, children who have an autism spectrum disorder or a sensory processing disorder.

Brave Like Bronson, Inc. brings light on disabilities during classroom visits and teaches inclusion by engaging activities through hands on experiences. The students will meet fun puppet friends who will share their story. As the children listen, they will learn more about why everyone has their own unique characteristics. The younger a child is when they are exposed to others with disabilities, the less “weird” those disabled children become. I see this truth in the face and heart of my own children who have been exposed to individuals with disabilities since birth. The children will learn that every person is extremely special, with purpose and worth regardless of their ability or disability.

Our ultimate goal is to bridge this gap. We want to see typical children learn how to love and embrace children with differences, with special needs. Our passion is for special needs children to not only be included, but to be understood as well. The entire worldview of the special needs community could shift for the better in the tiny hearts of our next generation. If our next generation can learn how to embrace each other regardless of their uniqueness, the world will look different in many ways.

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What People Are Saying . . .

Brave Like Bronson was a great program. It helped my students to understand children with special needs a little bit better. The students enjoyed the puppet show. It was funny and informative. Meeting Bronson was cool too! Thanks for visiting our school.
» Ms. Angeli, First Grade Teacher

Thank you for the wonderful Brave like Bronson program. The students enjoyed seeing Bronson after learning about him in class. The students also enjoyed the puppet show and learning to accept others that may not act or look like they do. Thank you for the wonderful program.
» Ms. E. Foose, First Grade Teacher

The excitement that Brave Like Bronson, Inc. brings into a room not only brightens it, but encourages each and every one that hears this amazing story. Rather if they are speaking to a class of children or a room of adults, they leave a powerful impact.
» Heather Augustyniak, MSN, FNP-C, CPG Medical Leader for Survivorship Care

The story of love and compassion from both Tricia (Bronson’s mother) and Yvette (mother to Tricia) is beyond words. They have been through many trails with Bronson, but have always been strong encouragers to many. I can only imagine how Brave Like Bronson, Inc. will touch lives and will positively encourage children as they learn about inclusion and special needs. I am excited to have Brave Like Bronson, Inc. visit schools and include their puppets.
» Kim Keith, Music Teacher, Duval County Schools

Brave Like Bronson Inc. is a great vision being brought into our schools to help the community gain a deeper understanding of people with disabilities and an awareness of the many similarities and differences among all students.
» Tracey Richardson, 2nd Grade Teacher, Duval County Public Schools